Xavax LED Light, 3.3W, teardrop shape, E14, warm white, Ra90

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Kód produktu: HM 112253 Záruka: 2 roky Výrobce: Xavax
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Popis produktu

- Particularly energy-efficient light bulb, uses only 3.3 watts of electricity
- Excellent colour rendering of Ra90
- Decorative teardrop shape
- Particularly suitable for long-term lighting applications when extremely long power-on times are required, e.g. consulting rooms, entrance halls, candelabras
- Pleasant warm white colour for general lighting applications
- For interiors and exteriors
- Mercury- and lead-free

Note for Consumers:
The LED light should only be used in lights intended for its use. Before changing the light, allow it to cool down completely and switch off the power supply voltage. Damaged lights should be replaced immediately. No liability shall be assumed for damage caused by incorrect use.
The LED light is designed for operation in open luminaries. The heat generated by the light during operation may be emitted into the surrounding area. The service life prognosis is based on this mode of operation. LED lights can, of course, also be used in enclosed luminaries, however their service life will be reduced by insufficient cooling.

Technical Details:
- Can be Dimmed: No
- Colour Temperature: 2700 K
- Cooling Element/Housing: Plastic Coated Aluminium
- Design: P45
- LED Type: SMD
- Lamp Survival Factor at 6000h (min.): 0,9
- Nominal Service Life: 15000 h
- Number of LEDs: 8
- Number of Switching Cycles until Premature Failure (min.): 30000
- Operating Position: 360 °
- Optimal Ambient Temperature: 25 °C
- Power Consumption of an Equivalent Incandescent Lamp: 25 W
- Socket: E 14
- Starting Time (max.): 0.5 s
- Diameter: 45 mm
- Dimensions Differ From Those of a Standardized Bulb: No
- Height: 78 mm
- Net Weight: 20 gr
- Energy Efficiency Class: A+ (Scale from A++ to E, Optimum Value: A++)
- Energy Savings Compared with an Equivalent Incandescent Bulb: 87 %
- Lamp Current: 30 mA
- Rated Power Consumption: 3.3 W
- Rated Service Life: 15000 h
- EAR Reg.No.: DE 38720470
- Electrical Efficiency Factor of the Bulb (min.): 0.5
- Lamp Lumen Maintenance Factor at 6000h: 0,9
- Mains Frequency: 50 Hz
- Nominal Beam Angle: 240 °
- Nominal Light Output: 250 lm
- Nominal Power Consumption: 3.3 W
- Operating Voltage: 230 V
- Rated Beam Angle: 240 °
- Rated Light Output: 250 Im
- Start-Up Time Until 60% of Full Light Output Has Been Reached (max.): 1 s
- Weighted Energy Consumption: 4 kWh/1000h
- Colour Reproduction Index RA (min.): 90
- LED Brand: Everlight
- Light Colour: Warm White
- Bulb Serves as Replacement for Standard Bulbs of This Size: Drop
- Suitable for Accent Lighting: No - Beam Angle between 120° and 360° (?use)
- Recommendations for Recycling: Recycling Depot or Collection Point

Scope Of Delivery:
- 1 LED light

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